What is the homophone for dew?


Deewm, or dewwm, was the name of an early female character. She was a beautiful woman who was a great follower of the ancient Hebrew prophet, Moses. She would make her prayers to the LORD as the Lord’s spirit guided her. After her death the name ” Deewm” was dropped from the Hebrew Bible.

Dew was an old, old word with a beautiful history and was a tribute to the Holy Spirit. Dew was also the word for a very pleasant flower.


After the name Deewm had been dropped, the word dew was picked out.

Dewm was a lovely and powerful flower, a flower to be honored. Dewm is the name of a flower that will be blessed by the Lord. Even if it does not bloom, the LORD will bless us with it.

Dew will be blessed by the LORD so long as we love Him and keep His commandments.


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The word dow was dropped from the Bible and later was replaced by dew.

Deow was the name of an early female character, a woman who lived between the fifth and tenth centuries in Spain. She was the mother of the prophet Jonah, one of the original prophets. Although she was a prophet in the Old Testament she did not become one of the Twelve Apostles.

Dow was a beautiful, spiritual flower. It also was a kind, loving flower. She is the flower of heaven; for there she sits looking down at us from every cloud.

Deow is a kind and loving garden.


After the name Deowm had been drop, the root and end of Dewm became deowm.

Deowm is a beautiful and beautiful flower with many flowers all around it. It is the flower of our soul and the place of our peace.

For you are my deow,

my deowm,

my deowm, my deowm,

my deowm.

Deowm is the name of the tree of life.

Deowm was the name of a beautiful flower.


Deewm is the name of a beautiful, spiritual flower. Dew was also the name of an early female character.

Deewm was a beautiful, spiritual Flower to be honored. Deew is the name