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Perfect pitch is used to define the range of pitch, the range the pitch can be considered and the pitch that sounds the most natural. Pitch is determined by the ability of the ear to “hear” sounds of natural frequencies and has an average range of -4db.

Why do I need perfect pitch?

When people say perfect pitch, they mean a pitch that falls between -4db and -16db. Many people who are very good at music (but have never been on a perfect pitch test due to lack of exposure to music) will hear a tone below -8db on their guitar and their mouth will move at half the time of on guitar. This sounds very unnatural to the ear.

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How do I hear musical tones? What can I do?

Many people think that their taste in music is determined by the pitch of their ears or how much they enjoy listening to music. However, music is actually a multi-faceted entity, with subtle tones having an impact on other aspects of your life and our culture. The best way is to pay close attention to the harmonic quality of sound (for example, how the rhythm and melody sound).

If you get bored with the guitar because you don’t enjoy the tones you hear, or you want to improve the quality of your guitar playing, one approach you might consider is to get a good tone analyzer and listen to different kinds of tones. For example, you can use the tone analyzer on your guitar as part of my beginner guitar lessons.

It would also be a good idea to purchase a tone analyzer if you are not already doing this. Many guitar players use them as part of their lessons and use them to improve.

What do those fancy tone testers do?

A voice on your instrument or computer can read the tone in the audio, or your guitar can be turned on to read the tone.

There are also many different types of voice. Some voice types include:

Sound card (this type helps you read tone)

Microphone with tone (this type helps you hear the tone but also read it)

Tone analyzer (this type helps you read the tone too)

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