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A belt is a part of a larger garment that you wear. It is usually made of a silk, polyester or wool material and contains a buckle with metal rings or rivets. If a belt is worn while dancing or singing, the belt will keep the performer’s arms and body in line with the music by restraining the dancer’s neck so as to keep the neck between the belt and her partner

Belt of Choreography Belt of Choreography

Belt of Dance (Singing)

Belt of Dance

This belt is made of a combination of different materials such as polyester leather or fabric, silk, elastics, corduroy and leather. It is made especially for choreography, dance and singing.

It is designed for dancers to be able to carry their partner easily while dancing.

Belt of Dance (Singing) (Black)

Belt of Dance (Singing) (Blue)

Belt of Dance (Singing) (Green)

Belt of Dance (Singing) (Red)

Belt of Dance (Singing) (Yellow)

This belt is ideal for dancers who do not like to carry their partner with them to perform, nor do they find the idea of wearing a belt uncomfortable. This belt is made especially for choreography and has a wide belt loop. It is meant to prevent the dancer from having to carry the partner without the belt.

Belt of Dancing, Singing

Belt of Dancing, Singing (Black)

Belt of Dancing, Singing (Blue)

Belt of Dancing, Singing (Red)

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