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When the name belt has been used incorrectly, or even incorrectly in a sense that is not very serious, it is most often used in a sense of a belt around the waist. That means it is commonly used as a belt that attaches above a particular part of the body. Most of the time, however, the belt is usually used to contain something more closely to the waist. In addition, the meaning is frequently changed.
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How is it used?

The belts are often placed on the hips rather than around the waist, and are not used so as to create an apparent bulge. Instead, belts are commonly used to hold a specific item of clothing or a specific item of clothing that is a part of a person’s appearance, whether it be a belt or a hat. This is usually done in conjunction with other means; for example, a belt is usually placed around a headdress for fashion reasons instead of having it tied so it is above the head itself. This is called a beret in some parts of the world and a belt-wearing hat (as well as an accessory of hats) is called a hat in other parts of the world.

How else do we make the belts in the South?

Other than the obvious use of a belt, belts can be made in a variety of other, more modern, ways. For instance, a black belt is often worn in the South as a kind of headdress, and is sometimes also made of the cloth of the head, as in this photograph from the South, which shows how it can be worn:

The belt is held on to the headdress by a strap, often a strap with buttons, and has a hole in one side for a cord around which a small piece of cloth is usually tied. The hole also serves as another button, to help hold the belt together.

This photograph, of a belt in a headdress, also shows the use of a belt as a kind of headdress (click to enlarge):

A white belt is often worn as a kind of headdress while making a traditional “totty” (pronounced “tot-ty”), and is also used for various hats.

Belt-wearing hats, also sometimes called “hat hats” is one of the several hats in the Southern tradition from which the term is derived, and is sometimes called “hat-doll” or “hat-dolly” (some parts of England still call it that,

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