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The whole of ‘I Was Gonna Make It’ was done with ukulele. But I can’t play anything on it except maybe an ‘I Was Gonna Make It’ version.”
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What’s it like when people listen to that first version?

“I’ll be honest with you – it’s really cool. I was trying to work through it and make sure it wouldn’t sound like a weird version of an early track or something so that it was a little different but also that it actually fit the song.”

What do you think it adds to it?

“When I listened to the demo, it makes you realise the song wasn’t finished. I mean, the lyrics are good but they get confused – it’s like ‘I was going to make it sound like I was a good rock star and then it’s this weird, weird version of him that doesn’t make any sense. Or something.’

So it’s a perfect example of how people can take that idea from you and use it for their own use. I was so lucky to hear it on [an] iPod back in the day and it just makes you want it so much again. I always have it in my iPod.

“I had the idea and I felt super confident about it and it wasn’t very complicated or anything. I just did the vocals. I didn’t add anything to it; I just sat down, wrote the lyrics and then brought in [my friends] Paul [Rolley and] Dan [Hemman] and it just happened.

“I’m a good artist, even when I’m playing guitar, playing music for two hours, trying to make something that feels good – there are lots of ways to make something sound good and I’ve done it, there’s a few records I made that sound really good. If I’m not trying to make something that sounds good then people just get it; they get it and they understand why it’s cool.”

How do you make your favourite tracks stick in your head?

“I think it’s pretty simple – I always do different things every time I make a record. I try to do an emotional song like ‘I Was Gonna Make It’, or even a rock track like ‘Stupid Girl’- you know, you have the emotional core and that’s kind of the song.

‘In This Corner Of The World’ is a bit more complicated than that but that’s always the first

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