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The answer lies not only in the fundamental properties of the instrument, but in the development over time of the particular physical properties of sound. I am sure that if someone asked you with what instrument you played the most in a concert, your answer would be a violin. The answer is probably also a better one for a musician, a piano player, and guitar players, who have to work in concert with many instruments (not just any instrument, but the particular model and configuration.

When I am asked why violin is harder than guitar, I would usually reply that, even though the string can be moved with the violin bow at will, you cannot do so with the fretless guitar, and even if you did, it would be extremely hard (and therefore not enjoyable) to play. In contrast, the guitar plays much more freely and with much less pressure than the violin does, but with this allows it to be played with less practice.

So violin is harder than guitar?

In practice this is almost the absolute truth. Some people find that their instrument “just doesn’t hit hard enough!” or that they find that they have to play faster and/or louder than usual. Others say that their finger is too tired and fatigued from playing in concert etc., so the vibration they hear from it is not as intense as it could be. Some find that all they can see is white noise, and all those harmonics coming from a piano must be playing in a different frequency, which they can hear too loud, so how could they be able to sing? The only reason why violin is more difficult is probably due to the fact that you can play with many different tunings (for example all the common Italian tunings, the standard of the 18th century, the French and the Spanish tunings, the different scales and octaves, and in English the standard of the 19th century).

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