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Well there are lots of different strings that are used in western instruments which sound much different from the ones that you find in South Sudan. I used the following for my selection of strings.

Nylon is a fibrous string which allows the ukulele to sustain a large range of note types. Many string instruments make use of this string but I like Nylon string much more than polyester string. They can be made by the manufacturer of the string. I found that the string arrived in a tube with one end of the tube and plastic lugs that held the string in place. However I found that the string looked worse in my hand than the nylon string. It also was a bit softer. I did not find these in any of the stores I went to. They are also extremely expensive when compared to a string like the nylon that I could buy to replace the ones in the strings that I had lost in South Sudan. So I had to get another string that I could use and I found one at a local store so I could take home for the next ukulele lesson. After this lesson I had a nylon and polyester ukulele strings and had no trouble in using the strings properly.

How do ukulele strings and the strings that you are using impact on your playing?

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I thought these strings were a lot less impact on my playing than polyester string, but I find that even with the polyester strings my playing is still affected by many strings I am using at the same time. The nylon strings that have arrived have all been very similar to each other on the outside so they should be fairly consistent. However it has been my experience that the nylon strings will wear out, especially on my ukulele. So, I am sure that it will be a lot harder for me to get the nylon strings to break than the poly string, but, the nylon strings are much stronger when compared to the polyester string. I hope that this will mean that I am playing the ukulele with the right string in my left hand.

If you were going to leave Uganda, what instrument would you leave behind to see South Sudan for the first time?

Hear how other players in the UK have had their ukuleles taken to be repaired in South Sudan.

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