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I do enjoy playing guitar and am always looking for new ways to improve, and I like to start with a basic bass, but that would be a bit too involved for my liking. So, I play ukelele whenever I can. Playing any instrument takes dedication and energy, which I don’t have. I also love to work on myself, especially to get into the habit of playing in the first place. This is particularly useful when you’re playing alone, otherwise you may be intimidated by all the different noises and sounds around you, you may find it difficult to concentrate and become more focused.

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The instrument I’m most looking forward to learning about is the ukulele. What is it about ukulele that makes it so good at playing and so special?

I was very impressed a couple of years ago when my oldest grandson, Aaron, brought home a new ukulele that he’d just purchased. It is the ultimate and perfect instrument for any playing style, from the blues to rock, from jazz to heavy metal, and even a little something for all the different types of metal.

I’ve been playing on the ukulele since it was bought, and it has improved my music tremendously. My playing now is quite flexible and allows me to play from both left and right, which helps to expand my range. I’m also able to play in a rock or metal band style, where I also help write tunes and arrange the music ourselves. I’m a very good musician myself. And I have a very good sense of rhythm, so this ukulele really suits my personality.

What is your favourite kind of ukulele?

My favourite instrument type is the ukulele with a banjo pickup. It has a sweet and easy sound. And that sounds great with my guitar set up!

I also love the bass ukulele because I play it like a banjo or upright bass. It’s quite fast. I enjoy the bass sound a lot, but it also feels great playing a banjo. I know that when I’m playing the ukelele, I’m listening to music right in front of me, but when I’m playing my banjo, I’m listening to my own music right inside my head. I’m able to experience the music, the music sounds great, and you can hear the music in your mind’s eye. That makes the ukelele so much better in my opinion

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