How much is a good quality ukulele? – Do You Strum All The Strings On A Ukulele

It’s up to you, the customer. In my experience, you can get a good quality ukulele for under £20 online if you really want to! Here are some examples:

Bass ukuleles that I have used:

(a) The Uccello:

I’ve personally used the Uccello – even after having the bass ukulele professionally tuned and adjusted to my particular requirements. A good little mid-range uke, perfect for those times when you need to push the sonic envelope a bit.

(b) A Martin D-80 ukuleles, usually made from wood (or metal) and with a slightly rounded sound

It also has the usual pros and cons: A smaller body, less sustain than the bass uke, less bass than the stringed uke. All in all quite a bit more of an allrounder than the Stradivarius, but then again if you’re the “proper” type I’d say it’s more “proper” sounding than both.

(c) The Stradivarius:

In a nutshell, a great allrounder. The Strad may sound a little too loud. It has a smaller bass, a lot less sustain than the ukulele I used so I wouldn’t mind more bass. If you’re looking for a bass uke that can hold its tone well, the Strad might not be the right choice.

(d) The Yamaha:

The Yamaha ukulele is more than capable of holding its own in an acoustic-based band, though it can be quite a touch on the sensitive side. It also provides quite a nice sound, for those times when you want something with more bite, a bit of kick and punch, and a wider soundstage.

(e) The Martin D-80 ukulele:

The D-80 ukulele can be quite a bit more aggressive, but it still provides quite a lot of volume – and it definitely provides a much wider sound than most of the other instruments I have mentioned.

(f) The Fender Telecaster:

I’ll probably never get that one back, although it can be a great ukulele for those times when you want that slightly more aggressive tone, and it does not have a huge body that might make it “burden” you – I’d say it’s a good choice

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