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A lot of people ask about the guitar or guitar and violin (and a lot of people ask about the bass guitar) on this website. A lot of time I get asked how one can learn the violin. I think a good answer to that question is to stop worrying so much about the type of instrument you do play or what type your dad is and learn from scratch what it is you know how to do.

What makes a good beginner’s violin lesson?

The idea for this site is to help you with learning a very simple guitar course.

What is this site for?

This web site is for the beginner violin student to see what a beginner violin course actually looks like.

Please also note a few comments have been made elsewhere on the internet that the website may help one to become a better, more competent, performer of the violin. Those comments are just that – comments. Anyone using the information on this site should not take this information as, in any way, giving advice on what a beginner violin student can learn from my site. I’ve been able to build a lot of good information already on my site. I encourage that everyone can make their own learning experience their own.

I also hope my web site is useful. If you need help with your violin learning, please email me and I’ll do my best to help.

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This website features a few videos and pages that will help with the basic music theory of the violin. Each topic will be explained via pictures and audio. These pages do not take a very long time to read. Please use the videos to learn the basic basic information first.

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