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Some young players ask this question. They think that if they can learn about the style and instrument, they might be better equipped with soprano style voiceings. However, soprano style voiceings generally require playing all of the notes on some of the lowest, most vibrato filled notes. In these sorts of voiceings, there aren’t a lot of free notes. There aren’t often any notes played on a low string or low fret as you would in a soprano voice. Some classical players feel that this has a positive effect, but others disagree. For some singers, this is where the confusion begins. Here are some tips to help you decide if you want to study soprano or concert ukulele.

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Is it easier to switch instruments if I just play in different styles?

No, it’s not that simple. If you want to try more sopranos or concert ukuleles, you’re likely going to need to invest more time learning the instrument you’re playing in, and some of that investment could involve learning more songs and other repertoire of the same. Even with a couple of instruments in different styles, you’ll still need to practice a lot to get it all right.

If you decide to stick with your favorite instrument, learn the technique first before thinking about all the variations you may encounter. If you want to try a whole new style that you didn’t understand, don’t forget that any time you try this at home, you may come up with something entirely different.

Where can I find more information on this topic?

There are many resources that teach this topic. Here are a couple of recommended ones:

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