Can you talk without lips? – Ventriloquist Letter B

Is there a way to make people believe a lie you can’t? I hope so.

I am also writing this after having watched “The Dark Knight Rises” with my father, one of my heroes, in which a young man named Bruce Wayne, who is obsessed with killing criminals, is asked a simple question: does anyone have a secret wish? Even in the “dark” world of movies, such an observation is very much relevant in our own times – for example: “Do you want to know about the most dangerous criminals in the world?”

There is a movie called “The Dark Knight”, and on screen you see a young man who is absolutely obsessed with the murder of criminals, and he can do anything he wants – except to find out what other people actually want for themselves. His wish is to become rich and famous and to live happily ever after. He has the same dream as every other person, so he has no difficulty in finding out why they want such-and-such for themselves. His wish to become rich and famous is really the most important thing in their entire lives!

In this picture, of course, there is no secret secret of anything, but this man, the same person who is supposed to have such a dream, also has a secret wish: to not be rich or famous!

Of course, if you want to become rich and famous, all you must do is to become a criminal. However, his dream can’t be fulfilled in the same way!

So, in order to find out what other people wish for – and to realize what their true needs actually are, as opposed to their dreams – you need other people as an example for you, you need someone else to tell you what other people really want for themselves, you need somebody who doesn’t like to commit crimes. This is really very important.

In order to find out how people can be really happy and achieve their deepest desires, a very important thing is to realize their true desires for themselves in order to discover what true desires they actually have, for other people – which will also be a prerequisite for them to understand their real desires. In other words, you need a little bit of insight and a lot of patience in order to achieve that.

Now, when it is explained in a story and a movie – a movie that usually tells you what other people want – then all we need is our real desires and real problems, for instance, in order to really understand,

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