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This question is a common question I hear, and I thought it would be valuable to put something out there in case my answers don’t apply to your situation so many times.

When speaking, the first thing that you should do is close your mouth. When you want a closed mouth to work, it must close. If it doesn’t, it won’t.

You’re not able to create a good seal on your nose when you close your mouth? If you can’t close your throat, then chances are that you can’t close your mouth.

“Close your mouth, and close your throat.” That is what you may say to yourself. But what you probably don’t realize, is that a closed throat and closed mouth just aren’t the same thing.

If you close your mouth, and then open your mouth, your throat will remain open. It’s just the way it is. This may lead you to believe that closing a throat and opening a mouth are two very different things. But the two are very much the same thing. If you close your mouth, you are essentially taking away a part of the mouth where you had previously had access to air. Your throat will stay still and your mouth will become more closed.

When you close your throat and open your mouth, the air can flow easily when it wants to. You don’t have to breathe any more. It is easier to breathe when your mouth and throat are open.

By closing your lips and closing your throat while making a “V”, you are closing air from one part of your body into another. In other words, your mouth is not “closed”, but “vacuuming” air into the center of your body. In other words, it is sucking in the air into its own space, and making room for it somewhere else in the world.

As a result, this creates a vacuum that is difficult to remove. If you’re worried about this, consider this: In order to vacuum out all the air that is in your home (including everything on your coffee table or in your kitchen), you have to first let out the vacuum from the room. The idea is that the air isn’t ready for vacuum removal from the center of the room yet.

This is also why the first few times you vacuum in your kitchen or on your coffee table, it may be the case that you’re taking a “vacuuming”. Once the air reaches the center of the room, it is

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