How do you make a dummy? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Dummies Unlimited Pomona

There are ways.

Most of the time you’ll find a large metal bar you can just poke holes in for a piece of tubing. I prefer to use small plastic PVC tubing which is very sturdy and works fine as a basic dummy. When I buy these for my workshop I also grab a bunch of small parts for it. In my first project I just made a ball of about 2″ diameter PVC tubing to simulate the “jaw” of a mouth (like that of a deer) with about 100 balls.

Also, sometimes I will need to work through a bunch of parts. With these small PVC pieces I can just twist them together in a long piece of tubing and pop them together like an assembly line.

So for the next part of this project I’m going to make a small tube out of PVC.

I’m going to glue the head of the PVC tube to the tail of another piece of plastic pipe. You can use some thin plastic tubing which will make a great dummy.

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We’re going to make a short piece of plastic tape and thread it through the hole of the PVC tube. We’ll sew it together to make it smaller than the real thing. I usually take off the tape after I’m done. The advantage on this is that you get a nice clean piece of plastic tube rather than the messy bits of PVC.

So my main idea is that while I’m making this, the PVC tube will be attached to the PVC body which will be holding the “jaw”. The PVC body will be in a different section of the body and will be sticking out further with the PVC tube hanging over the top and the PVC tail pointing up. I’ll use this section of plastic body as the “souce” for the fake mouth.

I also use this section of PVC for another purpose. I glue a piece of plastic tubing to this piece of PVC (I can use this on both the “tongue” part of the body and its “jaw” part) and use that to make a plastic “jaw” for the fake jaw. Once I’m done I’ll cut out the mouth of the toy and then glue the mouth on the body with some glue. I like to use a little bit of glue so that it sticks a bit better than it would with just clear adhesive, and it’s not going to go with any liquid. In general glue is good and can be used on all kinds of things. I’ve been using it

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