How do you make a puppet? – Axtell People Puppets

I don’t mean use a puppet actor from a puppeteer’s catalogue you may be told to use, but to make a puppet using your own methods.

In general, you will either have to be a self taught puppetmaster or come here to learn puppets. Some of us are more knowledgeable than others, there is a huge range of skill level.

Puppets I use:

I think any one person, regardless of their experience or qualifications, can make a puppet at home. We have all experienced our fair share of puppets falling apart, but the ones with a little more experience, I am sure the amount of work you put into them is less than the amount of money you spend. The following list is what I used to make puppets.

Here we are going through each step of making a puppet.

Basic Parts

Most of the above should be easily available elsewhere. I have picked up a lot of these parts online from the craft store or the art supplies and hardware outlet here.

Make a wooden dowel

The main problem with doweled and wooden dowels is that they bend easily. I found a dowel about 5 inches wide, and the dowels I had were so long that they bent to near perfection. I bought a wood dowel online for $5, which worked nicely. If you are using a wooden dowel the wood should be thick enough that it will stand up to your hand. You can also buy a 3/4″ dowel at the craft store, but this is also much thicker, and will not accept knobs easily. That brings us to this wooden dowel, and making a custom hand puppet.

I used the following pattern. You will need several sheets of paper, the dowel and the wooden dowel. Make three sheets one for each foot.

The wooden dowel

1-Cut paper for the wooden dowel. You can buy the same one at the craft store if you are going for a more detailed look or cut off the ends of the wooden dowel, making less of the dowel. I have cut mine about 11-1/2″ wide and 15-1/2″ long.

2-The 3/4″ dowel can be made out of any wood you can buy. Any wood will work great, but it is best to use something that is not porous, as the wood is not going to expand well. For example you could use

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