How do you say P in ventriloquism?

“It means this, that, for instance, P in the above way means ‘possible’ or ‘probable’ in some other way. I think, however, that it should be understood, and I would explain it further in the course of another paragraph.”

The other paragraph is reproduced here in case you are wondering if you are in the right place.

Here’s the paragraph you have been looking for – and another example:

“I find that a ‘possible’ or ‘probable’ meaning in the above way is in a sense related to the meaning ‘possible,’ or ‘probable.'”

I hope you have learned, now that you saw the first example of the ventriloquism phrase. We now have three examples of such phrases; the one from above in brackets indicates that I just described them in paragraph 1.

Now let us consider an example from the second chapter (pp 5-6). First of all, I have made some general remarks on the meaning of the phrase “possible” and expressed my views on this topic in a book I published two years ago, p 3-4, (p 4, paragraph 3 of the first edition of the book, which contains the same passage from Plato’s Phaedo). In my edition p. 6, I have corrected an error in the text. I gave a further explanation of the text which had been altered in the edition of pp 5 and 6; thus you will still find my explanations of p. 3-4, but you will also find the error corrected; and the same applies to the earlier sentences of p. 2 and p. 3, where the expression “which has been stated, that which is asserted to be said, and that which you affirm to have been asserted by us” refers to statements and attitudes.

Now let us hear the words spoken.

You may be thinking, this is nonsense; I am going to have to be more careful about this. I suppose that, in speaking like this, you are going to think that my views really change, in consequence of the error in my text; but there is the answer. Here is what is going through my mind: this is what I had imagined and what I imagined was going to be my teaching. But there is another way, but perhaps you would be more inclined to accept it. I really had not expected this error: as I have stated in my book, I thought that I was doing it in