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You do a bit of the same thing. You start with it – and let your imagination run. Then you get a feeling for what he’s all about. And then you put those things together and create. So when the time comes, it will be a great feeling. And he’ll tell the world how much he loves it. He would do that in his own time – that was his idea.

How difficult is it to make a Bond movie with Daniel Craig? It seems like you have the whole franchise to work with and that it was really hard to make this movie.

What do you mean?
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To make Bond movies. When you go to shoot it, in order to make it as good as a Bond movie can, there are a lot of changes. It’s complicated. We just wrapped the third one [Skyfall] and there didn’t look anything like the first one [with 007], but we felt it would still work, and it’s working, and he feels like he is a Bond now. And the fact there are 20 films, 20 movies we have already done, is wonderful, I think, and people who have been with the series will be very happy with it.

Have you done any research for this whole movie? Are you trying to make these actors look real, so to speak?

No, I’ve always done that, that’s how I did it. I’m not going to say I wanted to do this, I wanted to do it, and I was very happy with how they look, and so I just started with that. It was fun for me. When I saw some shots I’d shot, I was like: “What happened? Where do I go now?”

Is Daniel Craig’s style going to be the same for this movie, or is it going to be different?

He’s a very good, old-fashioned gentleman. He loves Bond films. He was a fan and said it, “I want to do this.” He’s a big fan. It’s a great part of his life, and he’s happy doing it, but it was very important that he didn’t feel like you were just going out to see a Bond film. He had to give it to you in a very special way. It had to make you feel. When we sat down with him on the set, the first question was: “How do you feel about being part of an Bond? Do you want to be part of an Bond

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