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How do you talk while making small motions? You move your lips with your tongue, it moves with your brain and that makes a real difference to speech. I see a lot of people who are really good at it because of training. That’s what I wanted with talking with the voice coach.”

“At a certain point, you have to be able to communicate with the person you’re talking to because you don’t know what they are going to say. You know what they want to say, but you’re not there. That’s how I work with people. If I could communicate with anybody over the phone or over the Skype, I would.”

The actor also shared why he uses a teleprompter—or a more elaborate one:

“I read the script and I write it all for one thing, then I re-work it. It depends on the script. There are things in it if you think of them. So in this case for my speech, I was just like, I gotta have the script and the character, so it goes from there. It’s a pretty long process, but in the old days, like back in the old days, it was a lot easier and I don’t have that. They do this like a film. But I love going to the script first and then I re-write it because it’s the script and the character. It is more difficult to read a script than to write one. It just depends on if you want to be in control. You can be in control. You go into the movie, and I don’t have control. But if you are in control, you can do a lot more things. It’s just an art process for me, just writing for the character I am playing.”

The full interview, which covers everything from what his favorite movie is to the time he met Martin Short, will be available on our website, so stay tuned for that!

—Reporting by Chris Rennison, and Editing by Catherine Keene

There’s a very simple reason so many people fail at the sport of CrossFit:

They’re not properly preparing for an O, or even an O-5.

You’ve got to do both! I guarantee it, not once did I fail to achieve an O, and I’ve failed plenty of people I’ve trained. And, many would say that the reason why is because I’m not properly training the basic movements of the sport.

But the truth is…

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