How does a ventriloquist sing?

This is an audio file of a ventriloquist reciting a verse from the Bible, Genesis 1:4.

Ventriloquists are very good at memorizing their lyrics. But you, the listener, are not quite as skilled.

As you read, consider the following points:

The verses are usually verse-length lists – from 8 to 20 words per word

The vocabulary of each sentence is the same: the same words repeated three times

You can get more information about vocabulary from the Vocabulary Quiz.

You’re doing this from memory

This is a good question to ask. What if you were to practice on another verse from the Bible, in a different order? Then what would you read – or “read” without knowing it?

This is called reciting the same verse twice. (For more details read on the recitation of a verse from the Bible in an unrelated context.)

Your ability to recite the same verse twice is determined by a number of factors such as your familiarity with the verse and how long you’ve studied it.

This ability to recite the same verse without knowing it is called alexithymia

How do you say “heel, my lord”

First, you need to memorize something – something that will be repeated in between each verse.

This can be a simple word. If so, there are a large number of different ways. Maybe the order is different.

This is a nice analogy from a very popular nursery rhyme: “Duck, and you will go on a duck” (a rhyme from the poem “Go to the Moon” by William Shakespeare).

Here is the “duck” example:

There is also another rhyme in the poem.

In the second verse:

Do you see the duck sitting on the fence?

In another “duck” example, the same sentence is repeated: “Do you see the duck sitting on the fence?”. When you repeat the sentence, do you need to know a different word as the basis for your guess of the context?

There are a few other words that are very common in the Bible too:

“In the same place where you saw your father, you shall see My Son…”

“This is His garment”

Remember, most of the verses are in the same order. Most of the time,