How far can a ventriloquist throw their voice? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Dummies For Sale


Ventriloquists must be able to “read” the audience by “feeling” the emotion of each one in the audience.

They must get their vocal cords “right” when speaking. If the ventriloquist’s cords are in incorrect position or stretched, how will they know they are wrong? How will they know what is happening to themselves? How will they be able to hear and feel what is being said to them if their nervous system is not able to respond and control what they are hearing?

Ventriloquists must be able to “feel” the emotional states of each person that they are performing. How can they do this if there is a disconnect between the ventriloquist’s vocal cords and “the body” (or brain)? It’s quite easy, isn’t it? The ventriloquist is not physically in there, so they have nothing to “feel” or sense “feelings”.

So how could Ventriloquists “feel” emotions? They must sense them. Some people can feel a certain physical sensation such as pain when they hit a nail. How is that pain physical? How if they were able to feel physical pain? How is this different form the physical pain sensation that is felt by other people?

Some people can perceive emotions through the body. How are the nerves involved in this different from the feelings of other people? Some people can feel physical sensations when they are stressed. How is this different from the feelings of other people? How is this difference related to the feeling of what is “being” said to them? How will they know that something is wrong or they are not feeling something? How will they be able to feel what’s happening to themselves or the other’s emotions as the ventriloquist “feels” the other’s emotions?

In what way can you “feel” that you are talking to others or to someone that you don’t really feel? How can you hear their emotions? How can they know there is someone else involved besides yourself when you talk to them physically?

A great Ventriloquist will never have problems understanding and understanding the feelings of anyone that they perform with. They will be able to “feel” the intensity of a person’s emotions to a certain amount, based on whether the ventriloquist is performing to a person of a certain emotional state, or they perform to a person at a certain emotional state that they aren’t.


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