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The New York lawyer, who is an attorney for the state of New York, announced his candidacy with the kind of buzz that only happens when a candidate takes a stand.

When asked what his message to voters was, Dunham replied “I’m gonna come out of the trenches and fight for you. I’m going to fight for every single American’s rights, and I think when you hear that we’re going to fight for you I think that you’re going to have a better understanding that we are fighting not only for our rights but for what America stands for in the world.”

He concluded by saying “I’m going to be the person standing up for regular Americans. So you don’t have to take it on faith when people tell you that it’s going to happen because I’m going to fight for you.”

What is Dunham up to now?

He announced he has a firm he will run, called Dunham & Sperry, that he hopes will bring in as many as a billion dollars. It sounds like he is in it to make a lot of money.

The only place that I know that has a firm that is dedicated to being a tax minimization firm is in Brooklyn, which is basically the only place that is open and it’s called Eros Inc. They will be raising this money on a daily basis, a lot of it through the financial sector.

What tax minimization firm does Dunham say he is currently working with?
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There’s no specific company but what it all comes back to is what is the best way to deal with this massive tax situation, and with the federal tax system for that matter.

There is a lot of tax avoidance and so I think it all has to be done in different venues. I think there are certain types of transactions where you have to pay the correct taxes as it relates to what the government has told you is fair and that what was being done was in the best interest of the taxpayer and so there are certain things you have to take on the basis of the government.

How will this impact the wealthy?

What we have right now with the super-rich is if you live in New York or anywhere in the US, you can expect to pay the highest taxes of any American and I find that to be a bit insulting. And I think most of us do. I think even when I’m working on issues like that [tax evasion] that you can see this to be rather ridiculous, especially when

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