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While the former mayor of the city of Somerville has received a lot of publicity as one of the most powerful people in the world for the last 20 years, he doesn’t own any companies or properties like that, according to the public record.

“I’ve never had a financial interest in any company or an interest in any property. . . . I own no one’s property,” Mr. Dunham said in a telephone interview from his home, where he wears a navy blazer. “If I did I wouldn’t have to say anything at all to anybody . . . I am one of the most independent-minded, most honest people I know. What I care about is the quality of people. . . . If I run for office, it won’t be about a bunch of millionaires, but about having good people, and I’ll do that no matter what.”

According to people who have met the former mayor, his personal assets are much larger than those revealed by municipal ethics records.

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After the 1998 election, the mayor’s financial situation was made public and the question of his financial interests re-emerged from another public document: a filing by the Somerville School Board.

Before Mr. Clinton, the city had received numerous complaints about Mr. Dunham’s relationship with the school board. Mr. Clinton was one of eight board members — including two Democrats — who voted to oust the board’s president in 1999. A lawsuit is pending against Mr. Dunham, the school board and their president, David K. Schramm.

It also became apparent to some people who have worked with Mr. Dunham that the candidate did not share the values of the city in which he has done so much.

One man said he knew Mr. Clinton for a long time, but he said there was “certainly a bit of tension” between the two men.

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