How long does it take to become a ventriloquist? – Games For Kids To Learn Books Of The Bible

It takes only two minutes.

Let’s say you’re sitting there and you’re doing impressions of people. You’re doing the same impressions, and you’re playing them. Now, at the end of the second or third second (as it varies), you get a little frustrated. You kind of walk down the hall to try another person and you think, Oh, maybe that one’s better, maybe this one’s better, it’s going to take a couple of more seconds. You’re trying to get some feedback, but you’re never really satisfied. You’ve still got to think about those initial impressions of the people on the other side, because you’ve got to repeat them in order to get their reactions and it can take a while to get everything just right. So you walk back.
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Well, what happens if I try the other person?

You take a step back, and instead of thinking about how this person could react that way, or the way their body reacts to your voice, you think about how you could handle this situation in a way that makes it easier for them. You find a way that’s not so confrontational, which will make it easier and give them more space. You know, “Hey, my mother’s going to be really upset when you play me like this, so, just remember that, I’ll be so happy playing you.” And eventually enough time passes and you get so good at doing it that the other person isn’t going to be a total drag anymore. They’re going to be a lot more likely to remember to stop and talk to them if you’re making the presentation.

So if you’re in bed with the guy who’s been playing you for twenty minutes and he starts to get really upset over something, you can just go to the bathroom and go back to doing your impressions. You go in, get some new people and ask them to react and they’ll be kind of a happy camper. You’ll still be kind of trying to be funny, but it’ll look much better on the screen and you can work on just getting the reactions you want.

Do you ever get stuck, like with the male character, when they get really angry at you?

That’s an interesting discussion too; there’s a lot of debate about whether you can do the character’s voice as loud as the male voice, or whether the female voice is louder. Some people say, “It works very well,” but a lot of people just find

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