What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets?

Abaddon (Jeff Dunham), Lady of the Lake(Jeff Dunham), and the Queen of Spades(Derek Dunham).

What’s the origin of the name “Derek?” When did it come about?

The name Derek Dunham was named when Jeff made an idea about how it should look (which is exactly how I would have named my own puppet if I was still in high school.) The name was the result of a play-by-play with Jeff that Jeff and I put together. Jeff then asked Derek to do it.

What inspired the name “Lady of the Lake”?

Jeff Dunham liked the name Lady of the Lake from a play I played in middle school—The Lady of the Lake. I had never heard of the name yet—when I was in ninth grade. Then I heard it was called, “Lady of the Lake” and so that became the name of the show.

When do you find out exactly what’s going on in the world?

Every week Jeff will answer a trivia question in the form of a story. Sometimes he’ll write it down, sometimes he’ll record it.

What are some of the most common questions that you get asked at the beginning of the show?

We get asked a lot of fun and weird stuff: What kind of car would Jeff Dunham be driving? Did any girl ever ask to see the face of Jeff himself? I’ll definitely ask Jeff about his favorite movie.

What’s the difference between “Jeff Dunham” and “Derek Dunham?”
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When I made the name “Derek” in eighth grade, I had no idea who Derek was; I just knew it sounded cool. As it turns out, Jeff was a huge fan of Derek’s puppets, so Derek’s name was a very popular one—a pun on the name “Dave Dubois,” which I first heard from Jeff. Jeff has heard it from people all around the world.

What’s the name of the “King of Spades”?

It may sound crazy, but Jeff Dunham made up the idea that Derek needed another ruler, so he named the puppet “King of Spades.”

Is there a scene in the show that was filmed that never made it into the movie?

One of Jeff’s best scenes is where he tells the story of how he came to write for Saturday morning kids’ shows and to do commercials:

One time, we were recording our commercials and there