What is a dummy doll?

What are other names for dolls? Other name(s) for dolls: A doll for her Munchkin-sized feet. A doll that resembles a doll.

Doll-shaped doll is the perfect way to tell if a character or object on your shelf is a doll when you see it. It is made of foam, the type you get when you wash baby clothes, the kind that sticks to clothes and gets removed with a piece of cloth on a towel.

You may also see this kind of doll in stores or online:

A doll-shaped statue.

A doll-shaped car.

Any kind of play thing made of foam, usually made from cardboard. I usually prefer to call them “jigsaw or ball” toys because they have a simple shape and can be used with almost anything. These kinds of toys are more like sculptures because they have a rounded, almost rounded form. They don’t use glue like most dolls do and cannot be glued together with “clamshell” dolls.

You can get some ideas for how to use a doll-shaped object at our Doll-shaped Items page.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a doll-shaped object, look for the smaller, usually white or light brown version. These have a little more detail to the head and sometimes a smaller doll head. They also come in some cute-looking colors.

Here is an example of a “jigsaw doll”:

How do I use a dummy doll or ball as a part of a set?

You can use these dolls or balls as the parts of a collection. It is very fun to mix and match the shapes, colors and materials into your own collection of dolls.

How many doll-shaped items do you own?

Here is a list on the number of doll-shaped items you have (I found this on our Doll-shaped Products page):

Number of doll-shaped products:

1 “jigsaw doll” with head and head

2 doll heads that vary in size (I think 6 head dolls are best, but you can add or subtract as many as you want to make your collection “the way you want it.”

3 ball heads

4 “jigsaw ball” dolls

5 “jigsaw doll face” figurines

6 a small “ball” (5″ x 4″) with a little face to play with

I really love this