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Transvil is a word describing a person who has mastered a skill by studying an existing practice. Transviliquists are very popular in the Magic community and have been known to teach you many skills by playing a board game or the deckbuilder. They are very skilled at playing solitaire games, where their knowledge can be useful!

There are two major kinds of Transviliquists:

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Magic Players Transversalists

Playtesting Transversalists

A good Transversalist can create an entire deck, with all the cards from the game, and teach it to a new player (in their mind).

To start your Transversalist journey, download this free checklist. It will help you understand the most important elements of playing Magic.

Magic Players Transversalists (Wizards)

Magic players Transversalists create decks. They can do it solo, or with help from other players. The rules for creating Magic decks are specific. To create your own deck, go to “Create a Deck.” To start the process, there are 2 ways: by copying the Magic rules, or by downloading a deck. For example, go to “The Magic Rules” on the Wizards website.

The most important rules for making a Magic deck are explained in “Creating a Deck” at the end of our checklist. But the rules are not the only things you need to understand if you want to make a deck.

To create your own Magic deck, follow these steps:

(1) Create a new deck that is exactly the same as the one you want to play, but without any of the original cards.

(2) Use your copy of the Magic rules to determine any card restrictions that the original does not. Remember that there is no card limit with Magic.

(3) Download a deck builder for Magic.

(4) Use your deck builder to design your deck. Remember that your deck could be “all blue,” “all black,” and “all creatures.” It could even have a creature or two, but if you copy the card restrictions for those cards, then you don’t need to know what the specific set the card is from.

You can make a Magic deck that has cards from Magic’s newest expansion, Gatecrash (released December 2012). Use the cards for “all green” in your planar deck.

(5) Use the Deck Builder to make your Deck.


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