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I did that too.

A good quality lens isn’t just about having a lens, it’s about having the right lens. But if you’re wondering what kind of lens to get, this post from the folks at should answer that question.

A Good Buy

I was told in the past that cheap lenses aren’t that good, but I’ve since found one that is. The only problem is the price. I think you’re better off buying from Amazon.

If you don’t already have it you can order one through Amazon using the links below.



I went to visit my Dad last month and we had a blast taking in a bunch of new scenery and having a blast with the city, seeing the new attractions along the way.
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We stopped at this one new attraction, we were told the ride was named “Olympus.” We don’t know why they call it that. The name sounds too strange (like the word “Olympus” itself). As for the actual name, I’ll never know what it is. I am also thinking the new ride is the big brother of the one that opened at the last park it opened in. It’s called the Beast of the Forbidden Planet

It was a huge attraction that could fit into a fairly small room. I don’t know what all the stuff was, but it was some kind of spaceship/vehicle that could be driven with two humans and several robots. The ride cost about $30 million. It must have taken a lot of engineers to put it up. There was no wait time at all, but that didn’t stop the crowds.

We went to Disneyland Paris last month and this attraction is called “Titanic.” I thought it was the same attraction we saw a few months back. The ride takes us to an old ocean liner that was destroyed in a hurricane last century. The ride is free, but you’re responsible for your own car.

It’s located in the new Space Mountain attraction. It was announced yesterday that Space Mountain will feature a roller coaster-like “gravitomb” ride. The ride is called the “Big Wave Attack.”

You drive your vehicle into the ride, where a water-level drops in front of the vehicle. With a little “push” of the button, it creates a violent “pump” that can send water flying in every direction. It looks like a crazy, high-speed

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