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Probably the Sony A7100 which makes full use of its sensor and its excellent stabilization

The Sony A7100 is the best camera in terms of IQ if you can afford it. The autofocus is excellent, if you are shooting in RAW then you are in luck: The photos are beautiful. If you prefer to shoot DNG data then it is not so good as the Sony A7200 as you end up with a bit more noise on the sensor than the A7100 but it is worth it:
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As soon as we saw that the Olympus OM-D E-M5 had a similar sensor to the Sony A7100 we knew that we would have to have the cameras side by side to make the comparison.

The Sony A7100 has the best sensor in the market for video: It has a 16 Mpix sensor and uses the OVF sensor for stabilisation. It’s a little bit lighter than the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and slightly smaller than the Panasonic GH4, but it will give you very good images in all conditions whether you are shooting in the city, the woods or an overcast day.

For the price it is also a wonderful camera: The best image stabilisation we have ever seen, as far as IQ is concerned, is on the full frame. The OVF sensor is superior also for image stabilisation: the Sony A7100 is much wider and it has much better colour performance. For video the same as in the camera itself – with a few exceptions – the Sony A7100 has the best resolution and the highest frame rate (fps).

It is not perfect: In low light, where the camera can’t resolve individual pixels, some sharpness can be loss when shooting at high ISOs. You still have some noise but not as much as with the E-P5, which I think makes it a better camera than one of the cheaper ones like the Sony VX200.

The OVF has an advantage in contrast as well: In the dark room the OVF is superior with a higher contrast ratio than the E-P5 and VX200 and this has a lot to do with how well the sensor is corrected in software. There is also a slight difference in the colour saturation.

On the other hand, the Sony A7100 can do better in low light than some of its competitors despite the smaller sensor size as you can imagine: If you really want to push the

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