How much does Spotify pay per 1000 streams? – Blue Shooting

The amount that Spotify pays depends on the length of time in the playlists and the type of playlists. The longer the playlists and the greater the number of plays, the higher the royalties are. A long playlist has 1000000+ plays in a row. Playing a playlist for 5 minutes will only produce 2 plays instead of 200000.
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Do you pay each song author for play requests?

No, that is paid out to Spotify employees. Spotify does pay the song authors but we do not pay for each individual request.

Do you pay any fees to cover the cost of the technology used in the creation of your songs?

No, Spotify pays for all of Spotify’s development, promotion and royalties.

Can I pay my favorite music creator for play requests?

Yes. If you choose to subscribe to Spotify premium tier (subscription requires a personal mobile number) and have a Spotify music library, you can pay individual artists for play requests. You can make payments only once per hour. At this time, that feature only enables you to play certain playlists with a specific artist.

Can I pay my favorite music creator using credit card or PayPal?


Will Spotify allow me to earn money using the Spotify music catalog without signing up for a paid subscription or Spotify Premium?

No, while the Spotify Music app does allow you to earn money for playing specific playlists, this functionality requires a personal mobile number.

Does Spotify cover artists’ streaming costs?

Spotify doesn’t offer any financial services like insurance, life insurance or tax preparation for artists.

Are Spotify’s artists paid in USD or EUR?

Spotify artists are paid in USD (through Universal Music) as Spotify is based in the US.

What is the difference between Spotify Premium, Spotify Connect, and Spotify Play?

Spotify Premium is a subscription for a yearly $9.99 price. It provides unlimited listening for as long as you’re subscribed. Spotify Connect is a subscription that allows you to play songs from your Spotify music library automatically without signup. Spotify Play gives you access to a set of playlists of songs or albums.

Is Spotify worth its low per-song subscription price?

No. Spotify is a small company and therefore it is always more expensive to acquire. If Spotify didn’t offer a service like premium streaming, the company wouldn’t be able to pay its employees like it’s now.

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