Should I learn violin or viola? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 5 Reteach Volume

I’ll choose viola. I think that I can do it in two years, at least. I want to make it as a soloist. I’ll never learn enough music to become a proper teacher, but I’ll be well-practised in classical music.

What was the rehearsal like yesterday?

I made an appointment to meet with a student at the conservatory [Musica Verona, Pisa, Italy – this one is called the Schrechter Conservatory], whose name was Mario Calabria. There was lots of fun – it was a great night!

The student asked me one question after another in the way that I would. Did you know that you are playing in the middle of the biggest concerto of the century? What will you do then, if not to sing?

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I have no words that could express how much that sounded like me.

What was that about? You can’t sing because you feel like a tree that can’t be moved.

I’d never heard of the opera but a lot of people have, and you can see all the changes in their faces. I’d also like to have a moment in the concert where all my limbs will be together [in a kind of a trance]. After this the opera was a real surprise. I’m delighted that all these things happen in my concert. I’m sure that all these great things happened because the opera is playing in the room. The whole orchestra is working so hard. I’m glad that they are all here. When all of us sing the same piece – I’m lucky that I’m here! – we have a real opportunity to share. But we also have to be sure that we are performing. It is important, too, that we are all in the same place. There is no place between us and the audience that is not working hard. We have to stay on the stage; we cannot disappear into the audience. So much music is being played when we leave. They have to go to the other rooms at the back to watch the other concerts. They think that after we are gone it will be a break.

“When we leave we have to go to the other rooms at the back to watch the other concerts. They think that after we are gone it will be a break. ”

You have the same kind of role there as many singers do. People say you are really special!

I am very happy that people think that. I always tell

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