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This is the question that has always fascinated me. How much did the violin used in this concert have to be worth?

My friend David (my musician friend) asked me this question about ten years ago, and I was thinking, “This is the first time I’m questioning my worthiness to play a concert violin.” My opinion of myself and the violin, as a performer, had changed. I still believe I am a wonderful player who has the ability to make people laugh, but I was still not completely sure about myself at that time. The first concert in this article is my first concert, my first real attempt at anything new and different. I have no idea what to expect when I perform this concert, and the thought that comes to me constantly is, “I don’t know, I could die right here.”
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I bought my first viol (in the $7,350 price range) when I was 21 years old. I was very much into jazz at the time, and I was in a band with a great bass player, who had been playing for years in Boston and New York. He told me the story about how he went into recording studio for the first time and got the same guitar sound he used throughout his career in jazz. I was not convinced, but he made me believe. The next year, I was offered the violin once more, but by this time, I was already in the band I was in, and after a very short time I felt compelled to sell it. (After that was the $5000 I invested in some electronics which allowed me to record my own band. After that, we had our biggest break, which was winning the Grammy, for our album, “The World Is A Happy Place.”)

I’ve played over 6,000 concerts and I haven’t found anything I think is really that important to me. There are plenty of people out there that think otherwise, and I don’t wish to argue at all with them. I have been fortunate enough to have a few very famous concerts, where I could hear people play their instruments as deeply as possible. But the truth is that these people are not performing at the elite level of musicians as they may have once been, and the concerts they are doing aren’t even very good.

My decision to start this concert was completely different from the first. I was very excited to be able to perform what I wanted to perform. However, over the past decade, I would have had to wait for so many years of

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