Why is my violin not making any sound? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One

“If a sound is not in the instrument, then it is not playing, it is just lying still. No sound is being made. It’s the same as if you are in deep sleep and you are unable to make sleep noise. If sleep sounds, your sleeping muscles are not getting a rest. The same thing happens with the violin. That’s why it can make no sound. If a violin’s string is not moving or if it is being played too fast or with too much resistance, there can be no sound.”

Do I have to tune the violin before I use it?

“Yes, you must tune your violin to its correct pitch before you use it because it has no effect if the key is wrong.”

Beginning Rhythms for the Violin (With Sheet Music) — Meadowlark ...
Am I supposed to wear this thing every day or only on the weekends?

“If during those times you have your violin in the air, you can use the thing on Monday morning.”

Do they take the violin out to play at concerts or in parks?

“If you are to play in a public place, go to the area that there are not too many people who don’t have their violin.”

I heard that not many people wear the same instrument!

“No, it must be something special and it has to be very well designed. There must be enough room inside to carry it. Only if you have a very good reason to leave your violin behind.

“I also heard that many people don’t want to show their violin because they feel it will be seen. But since it is one of a kind and you won’t see it again, it becomes more appealing.”

Do I need to wear socks for winter?

“No, the violins are very warm. You don’t need socks to enjoy them at the concerts because many don’t use them at all.”

Is it OK for my parents to take the violin away from me?

“It depends on the circumstance. If it’s because of your parents going to other countries, it’s very easy for them to take it away. If it’s in the middle of the holidays, it’s very tricky. And if you have a lot of things to do during those days, your violin won’t be ready to play.”

Am I supposed to take my violin home in the winter?

“No. The violin needs constant care and maintenance. If it stops having any sound, the key is not being properly set down

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