Are coin wrappers free at banks?


Do foreign bank notes expire?


What is different with gold coins?

Gold is considered a precious metal. Only pure gold is legal tender in the United States. Other precious metals, such as copper and nickel, do not have legal tender status.

Do Americans hold gold, silver or platinum in a bank account?

Yes. Bank deposit boxes may hold cash and gold bullion. Cash is held in many places in the country, including some offices of federally chartered banks. Platinum is not commonly held in a bank office. Gold and silver are held in banks in some locations, and are often traded.

Does it matter if my currency is foreign currency or national currency?

Yes, it matters how it is held in a bank facility or cash box.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello says he isn’t ruling out the possibility of asking the federal government to allow the island’s commonwealth to secede from the United States.

“It’s a matter I’ll continue to be in dialogue with the administration,” Rossello says. “At this point…it’s not about a federal takeover of the island, it’s a decision on the Puerto Rican people that can be made by the majority.”


Puerto Rico is still reeling from Hurricane Maria’s devastation, which killed at least 70 people and destroyed nearly half the island’s electrical infrastructure. Rossello recently visited a community just across the United States border to visit survivors and discuss recovery efforts.

As the territory struggles to recover from the aftermath of the hurricane, Rossello says he wants to avoid a repeat of this year’s catastrophic Hurricane Maria in which Hurricane Irma killed 70 people during the summer.

“It’s a very different story with Maria because we can actually see the impact now as it’s happening, what the consequences will be,” Rossello says. “I want to take the time to go down to Puerto Rico to know what the impacts and the consequences of [Maria] are for the people of Puerto Rico.”

“If there is a path to the American mainland, it is through that path that we should be able to have a path to independence, but it’s going to need to be more than that,” Rossello says.

“There will be a period where Puerto Ricans can say ‘we are people too.'”

“We’re trying to find the right path for our