Can you bend spoons with your mind?

Yes, as in “What else can I do to make spooning easier?”. Yes, as in “What else can I do to have a better chance of getting a perfect piece of sponge cake?”. Yes, as in “Does bending a spoon give you a better chance to hit everything?” Yes, as in “Bending a spoon gives you a better chance to score a great dunk in the pool.” Maybe? I’m going to take a guess that, in the real world, people would be more likely to bend a spoon if you had something to hide under your arm. Which sounds to me like a stupid, stupid idea.

Why Do They Still Use That Old, Slippery, Unhelpful, and Dank Idea?

I believe most people still use it to try to make themselves more difficult to bend/reach. It’s still an acceptable option because most people don’t realize how far we have come in understanding how our senses (and our body joints and fingers) work. We have enough tools now to create the perfect piece of spongecake cake with little to no extra effort. We just need to be prepared to have our brains misattributed as if we need a spoon in order to bend it.

The thing is, as we progress to being able to create our cake like that using only the hands and our fingers alone, we can find a way to bend it without using our thumbs. We can have a better chance of catching a perfect piece of sponge cake with just a little more awareness. The trick is in figuring out what that awareness is, and then finding it.

As mentioned up front, I’m not a sponging expert, so I’m not going to say that using your mind to bend something with a rubber band is better than the more natural method which has been around forever. I know that the real-life examples above should be the most effective ways to make your cake. But how can someone who uses their mind to bend things (spooning as an example) possibly use their hands to make their cake? It is entirely possible that using your hands to make your cake is better than using your mind. I don’t believe so.
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Let someone with better training do it for you if it feels more comfortable for you. It’s okay if they can’t bend a mirror because they just don’t know that they have a lot else to learn. People who do this for a living just get bored because they can’t do it. If somebody gets bored, they