Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Used Magic Supplies

Yes, you can. You can use them to lift a person around quickly, like I did, which I found very cool in and of itself. And even though this is an older technology, it works still great, and there have been recent upgrades to levitation technology.

Have you ever heard of people levitating via magnetic levitation like when someone levitates a boat or a plane?

I have never heard of this, either. But in one way, there is something to be said for it: I do it all the time, and it’s great fun. If you have ever been on a flight and it suddenly levitated you onto a seat, you would’ve probably just gone with it. Or you could have seen it happen in the movies, when the airplane is literally floating across the sky. People who were on the plane will have gone up to see the whole thing, but what it really looks like is just that and a few people sitting in a row, and that’s what it was like. However, people have been levitating without touching anything, which I’m not aware of. It’s hard to really determine how true that is for those who do it, but it seems plausible with these early people, since they just don’t seem to have been able to get any use out of a “gimpy body” before.

How do you think magnetism helped with social interaction in early modern society?

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For me, it was a bit like what the people at the turn of the 20th century were talking about, and what they were doing, to create a system that is just as powerful as its opposites. It was kind of like what the early communes were. The communes were just the initial beginnings of the idea of what is a social group, whether or not it be the ones at the turn of the 20th century like the French Communards, the Italian Cossacks, the Germans Pabst Society, and even the Japanese Nihon Senso. As they said after the war, “We just got started”. And if you read the newspaper reports of the last few years, in the last few years, it was almost as revolutionary as what the people of Paris did to the Versailles Treaty. They changed it by just throwing a brick at it, and nobody even noticed. And that’s the whole point: if people can just get their hands on something so powerful that they can see that in no other way, there is only

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