How do magic tricks magic? – Simple Magic Tricks With Paper

You just don’t know unless you study.” The man said that to the woman who was wearing jeans.

“My name is Sis. I graduated from a prestigious college, and I’m a magician now. What do magic tricks magic?” He started.

“We had to tell you because it was dangerous.” The man, whose name was Paz. said as he walked onto the dance floor.

“You said it was dangerous?” The woman said.

“No, just that the people were talking about you to the other dancers.” He was serious.

“You said it was dangerous.” She said.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone right now.” The person said. He then held up his left hand and started moving a large black cylinder, spinning around and around the dance floor, hitting every part of the dancers.

“You want me to go see you?” The woman asked.

“How dare you!” The man screamed.

“Oh, why would I help you?” Asked the man. “I’m a professional magician I have my master’s degree in magic. I’m not interested in helping you.”

The man got up and walked away. Then he was walking away in a slow circle back to the first bar. Then he got on a red hot iron and said “Come here, I will make you a drink.”

The lady behind him grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the next bar, where the woman was waiting on two silver-clad women. She handed one of them a shot glasses and the other a glass.

The woman handed one of the silver-clad women a glass. “Why didn’t you drink it?” She asked.

“It’s not for me.” She said. “I want to take a look at the man I was talking to on the dance floor.”

One of the other woman grabbed the silver-clad woman’s shoulder and pulled her back onto another bar. “You have to drink me a lot!” The silver-clad woman yelled at them. “What is the worst thing you ever have to drink?”

Then she handed one of the women a shot. “This is no time for jokes. Come here.” She held the shot in her hand as she started looking with the other two women. In the middle of the scene were two men, dressed in black and wearing masks. There were black gloves on the woman who was drinking the shot.

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