Do banks sell coin wrappers?

I’d have to assume that coins are already sold as wrappers in the UK (and elsewhere)

In the US the first two words of a bank certificate will always be its name. The last word of the certificate will be “bank” in the US.

You use the word “Coin” if you are considering a certificate for your coins.

“Certificates are usually in the form of small metal coins wrapped in plastic that is available to be purchased, although you may obtain them elsewhere” (UK coins, UK bank certificates)

Banks have nothing to do with coins. The UK Mint is an organisation run by the Treasury.

The UK Mint sells the coins, but for now only to UK banks. You see the same thing in America. They sell a bank-issued certificate for the metal in the coin and the mint sells that certificate to other banks for the metal. There are many different types of bank certificates. The UK Mint sell only the most basic form of the bank certificate – this is what you see at your bank. They do not sell the “full name” or any other identifying information in these certificates.

Are British coins backed by the Bank of England?

The Bank of England will always give your coins back if you don’t pay them for the time they are held in reserve. This depends on the date that your coins are in British government reserves, which is about 8-12 weeks. It doesn’t depend on the currency denomination.

Do I need a passport if I leave the UK?

No! Most people come from abroad when they go to travel in the UK, so a passport is not necessary if you intend to continue on to other parts of the UK. There are, however, some things that you must do, however.

Check the UK currency exchange rates against other currencies in your area. They may only offer to do this with a debit/credit card (not a bank card) to prevent money moving around the international banking system. They will not accept international card payments; you must pay cash in any currency other than sterling or GBP (the currency of the UK) – see “Can I use an international card?”

Get up early. Go to the passport office, wait in line, and wait until the counter-woman has all your details.

If you use an international card, pay up, show the card to the cashier (and the counter-woman) and they will issue you a