How does magic work?

To the best of my understanding, magic is just about the capacity for the human mind to perceive the world in a manner that is either magical or not so magical, that is, a form of non-magic. The capacity to do magic has been documented by the discovery of what we now call the seven basic forms of magic. The basis of any magic we see on this planet is not a matter of our own minds, but a function of the universe itself. Any form of magic is only real magic because the power or capabilities needed to see or make visible or manifest the magic is present in the universe itself. This is why there are so many witches all over the world, all using the same basic magic. Some of these witches appear to need nothing other than something tangible to do such work. Other witches make use of light, sound, and/or a powerful source of electricity to activate their magic. Still other witches do not need any kind of tangible “magic” at all; there is simply nothing to which they can transfer their energy into that can be seen or felt. A witch can use her very essence as a source of energy to activate her magic. The most common method of activating magic is to use the powers of the element that surrounds the caster when working with magic. Some witches use the powers of oxygen, and others use the powers of fire. For example, a witches “fire eye” can work as a “sighting” spell — and that is only one of many types of witch eyes that can be used. In some cases, magic will manifest in one form or another whenever the magician is in either body space, in physical space, or somewhere else in between. Some witches are extremely good with a variety of materials, creating magical implements out of very different materials. For other witches, the use of their body or other physical means to manifest magic has come about naturally. For example, the earth witch of the olden days (in the western world, “witchcraft” is something that was practiced by black people) would literally “grow” magical items from their skin, hair, or whatever else may be found naturally. While some witches might consider the process of transforming what they are seeing to be a form of “rebirth” for the witch, others believe it to be a mere form of magic. The witch as a witch is one of the most complex or unique human beings on the face of this planet, and the witch as a human being is complex to the point of being a unique race of sentient beings.