Do banks sell coin wrappers?

When you buy a gift card on the Internet, is it worth less or more than what they normally would have sold (or if they were really selling the card at all)?

We’re also told that the best way to avoid scams is to avoid accepting offers from people you don’t know, and when they offer you a big discount, refuse.

Is it worth having a Visa credit card?

The question is asked a lot in Canada, and at last count, there were more than 15,000 “yes” votes. In 2004, Visa decided to pull the plug on its debit card and replaced it with a Visa Signature card that requires no PIN number or signature.

I guess some people think it’s a good security measure. But there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances of getting scammed, such as using a debit card that’s not linked to a bank or credit card.

Is it possible to get a Visa card in Brazil without a Social Security Number?

If you live in Brazil and have a Brazilian passport, get a new Social Security Number (for that matter, you should get a foreign passport from Brazil, too). Then you can open an “Empire Visa” for your card (a Visa Signature card that doesn’t involve a Social Security Number). We got one in Brazil for an exact price.

If you can’t get a Visa card, do this: Get an old Visa for use on Internet websites only (as it contains no security keys). That’s how I did it. Then, open an Empire Visa that you’ve already got and don’t need anymore.

What about the prepaid Visa card, such as these:

For years, you could buy prepaid cards in Canada and use them to buy things over the Internet. And of course, as long as you had the credit of the person who put it in your account, you could use it the same way they did. And, if you used it while it was still in your account, you could still use it online (but you’d have to make a separate payment to pay the rest of the purchase cost, which wasn’t that easy).

But recently, those prepaid cards have been discontinued by their sellers. And they’ve all been replaced by Visa cards.

So now, you can’t use your prepaid card online at least to make online purchases. And the company (Banks Canada) that sells the prepaid cards has pulled their pre-paid cards from Amazon.