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What’s the point, anyway? The point of an illusion is not to cause someone to see something the way you think it looks, but to distract the viewer. It’s a distraction, but it’s not a bad one. (As a side note: “The art of making a visual illusion is as basic as making an omelet.” – Michael Lewis)
He then describes how the visual illusion was created, giving a list of techniques that make up what he calls The Visual Illusion Game. Here’s a full listing of what is considered a typical Illusion:
“Each Illusion requires that you set up your illusion by choosing the appropriate Illusion tool. In order to make it, create a simple shape that will form the basic frame of your illusion. Then the Illusionist selects the proper Tool to complete the Illusion.” – (Michael Lewis, The Visual Illusion Game: The Guide to Making Your Own Illusion)
Now if you can think of what the Tool is in the visual system, it’s too easy to start making your own.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC, said it has received official complaints from hundreds of Canadians after its new online television program “The National” used a clip from a recent U.S. presidential debate to portray its hosts as laughing and joking.

“The National” is a multimedia show produced online by the CBC. It presents guests in a light-hearted, often humorous manner by interviewing them and showing clips from their shows.

The clip in question from Thursday night’s debate in St. Louis, Mo., featured Chris Cillizza and Sun Media Group anchor Evan Solomon, both of whom joked about the debate taking place at a time when they were “too busy to see each other’s hands.”

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“Canadians are concerned about their ability to watch CBC programming,” said Stephen McPhail, the executive vice-president of content and director of investigative and documentary programming at CBC, in a statement.

“To remedy this, the show will be changing the segment to focus on the issues the guests have discussed and, as appropriate, make fun of the host,” he said.

Mr. McPhail also said the show has received multiple complaints from viewers over the use of a clip of a Donald Trump-style political joke made by “Saturday Night Live” host and Clinton supporter Melissa McCarthy.

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In a statement, Ms. McCarthy said she “stoked the fires” by calling for people to “vote their conscience” as

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