How does magic work? – Simple Magic Tricks With Hands

Well, the process is so complex that it took many centuries before the magic appeared by accident. If there weren’t this kind of advanced technology, it would be much easier for demons to create such magic, or so the story goes.

But now, we can take this into account as well, and it is a form of magic that requires humans, who have no particular talent or experience to manipulate the magic. In fact, there haven’t been cases where a human has done it yet.

“Well, it’s a bit of a mystery, after all.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Isn’t that so? But, if it’s a mystery, aren’t you all going to start trying as well and stop being so lazy?” (Tamaki)

“Is that so? This is an exciting new branch of magic, isn’t it?”

“You aren’t saying that!” (Tamaki)

Even the teachers couldn’t stand by idly and watch, and have the students and teachers gathered around the classroom where the problem was at hand.
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“A problem that is causing great trouble. The problem is a spell that can do nothing but hurt those that use magic. This is a strange kind of magic that doesn’t need a magician, but there are no methods to control it. And it has yet to be shown anywhere, which is most likely why the spell is happening everywhere. But, to be blunt, this problem cannot be solved by us, so we are trying to figure out the methods to control it.” (Makoto)

And so, the class began.

“We are doing this because we are still under the impression that this problem can be solved, even though it’s a problem that is far more dangerous, you know?” (Tamaki)

“Hah…” (Makoto)

“Then we have gathered all the members of magic in the school, and have them try something similar. It is a very difficult thing to do. But, if we just get started, perhaps this magic would be solved, without any problems.” (Tamaki)

“That’s true. I see…” (Makoto)

“I have no idea whether this is the answer you want to see, but we will try and resolve it.” (Tamaki)

“Umu… I have no clue as well.” (Makoto)

“It’s the first time

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