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I don’t understand it. Are you able to send that?”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “No.”

Captain Rogers: “We’re going to take care of some more stuff. This one’s a little bit of a surprise. This guy’s a psychic, right?”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “I assume he has what we call ‘psychic ability,” but he’s not a very good at it and he’s not very good at it in any direction. He also can’t read. We’ll figure that out later. If there was one, I’d think we’d look for one.”

Captain Rogers: “So when you see the guy, would you tell him his name?”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “No. You want a name?”

Captain Rogers: “You’re psychic. Why would you have a name?”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “Because I don’t have that stuff.”

Captain Rogers: “And you don’t have a memory?”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “It’s a combination of that as well, and the fact that I have no memory. But my name is Zane-Haddad, though of course I have a great affection for your father.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “It’s a good name for you.”

Captain Rogers: “Zane-Haddad.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “You were a psychic, weren’t you?”

Captain Rogers: “Yes.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “And you do that? By reading people?”

Captain Rogers: “Yes.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “Then I don’t think that’s a bad name. Because what you’re telling me with your psychic and whatever we do in the future, is that I might just know, because I have the ability.”

Captain Rogers: “That’s my theory.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “Well, then you don’t have to worry about me anymore. You could just go out there and be yourself and never think about Zane-Haddad. That would be fun.”

Captain Rogers: “Maybe.”

Dr. Zane-Haddad: “Good luck.”

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Captain Rogers: “Dr

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