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The first step with magic is to know where your illusions are.

Take a moment to sit down and think about how easy it will be to make your dream come true. If your mind hasn’t even got into thinking about what you want to happen, what you mean for you to be, as in “this dream will make you feel loved and loved will make you feel loved so…” then you’re not going to have a chance.

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Think about who you think you are: what’s the difference between you?

How are you different from the person your dream could make you feel, love and be?

If the answer is “you’re not like them” you haven’t done your homework.

If the answer is “you’re more like them” you’ve done your homework.

You might ask yourself what’s missing?

Maybe you don’t know who you are, what you should be, what you are and can’t let go of yourself.

Maybe that isn’t the same as “you’re more like them” because in that case you’re a little different.

But you know that isn’t good enough because you need to figure out what is missing in both areas. The key to this is getting your mind in a good place.

You need to take a look at yourself.

You need to sit down in a warm, relaxing environment, and really think about what you want in your own life.

You’ll need to reflect, ask questions about yourself and even go through feelings about your own thoughts…

This is really a time to let it all out. This is the time to get ready for your dream.

I find that it’s really important to look at myself objectively to help me put things into perspective. I like to take a look at my body at night and really make my eyes bleed.

As I go to bed at night I do the same thing but I focus on my dreams first to calm my mind and get me grounded and focused.

When you’ve come to this point in the process I feel like I’m able to focus on the real things…

There’s no such thing as a bad dream

Sometimes when we dream we do the opposite. For example I remember being terrified of getting out of bed thinking – that’s going to be really bad.

It doesn’t matter who you are you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter if those feelings are true.

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