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Well, first I take the wheel and take it back to your house. As you come up (the quarter trick is where I take the wheel to the second quarter) there’s going to be a big black man sitting by your car and he’s going to grab the wheel and throw it in your truck. And you know how many cars you have in your driveway? If your wife has a quarter and you drive her to the store to pick up some food for the weekend, she’s gonna walk into your truck and have a quarter in your hands. What if I take the wheel and I take it back to your friend’s house and I take it back to the store and I give it back to you? Well you probably would have an argument. This is the magic of quarter tricks. The first two people to have this argument are the same people you will have the next two to have, in a few years. But then you have the third person, which could be your uncle or your aunt who’s your neighbor. He’d love to have a quarter and see one go up in his neighbor’s arms, but he’s probably a little too scared to grab it. But you know what? If they’re all afraid, then they won’t have that argument anyway, right?

You know a lot about quarter tricks, so do the math.

How many people do it every day?

I think 1 in 500, but maybe 1 in a billion.

That’s why you’re here

Yeah, yeah. That’s why I put my kids in elementary school

Yeah, and they got a bunch of their math problems

And I told them to tell it as they go

A lot of people talk about you as the reason I was a statistician. What do you think is the reason?

I don’t have a reason, I just thought I needed to understand people. Because as a mathematician, you know, the most interesting things happen to one person in a very short time. They talk, somebody gives a speech, somebody takes a picture and it’s on all the TV. And you need to understand and be able to translate this into actionable statistics and numbers. So you don’t have any reason not to understand everything that goes on in this world and you never have an excuse not to. So you just gotta be a great statistician.

You’ve also gotten to know a whole bunch of the statisticians

I’ve met two or three great statistic

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