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India is the country with the highest number of such ceremonies, accounting for approximately 30 percent of all the rituals. It’s also the country with the second highest concentration of black magicians of all those involved in the field. Even today, the traditional Indian magician’s guilds have their own branch of the International Federation of Magicians.

Why are Indian magicians called “saffron magicians”?

Saffron has been considered a religious symbol of India for ages due to its association with the goddess Sati, who is celebrated in Hinduism.

What does Kama Sutra mean?

The Kama Sutra is a Sanskrit-based ancient text that details how to create the most powerful spells and conjure the most beautiful women. It also teaches how to use magical charms and enchantments and is considered to be one of the most authentic books in the world.

What’s the reason why India is the world’s top country for magicians?

In India, people have found it simple to learn how to perform magical charms and enchantments with the help of the traditional books. People have also been able to create enchantments without any restrictions as long they know the proper technique. They have also been able to create their own unique magical enchantments.

What is the most popular magicians of India?

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As of 2017, the most famous magician was Kama Sutra, who gained popularity in the 1980s with his popularity in movies and TV shows. The most famous Indian magician is Ganesha, who has been popular in the movies for many decades. The most famous English-language film star of the ’90s was Bibi Dong, who gained popularity through a short TV series on Indian TV in the 1980s.

What is India’s most famous magical spell?

The Jyoti Mantra, also known as “Jyoti Prayog”, is a famous magical spell which is used in the country’s traditional spell making ceremony.

What is the most famous spell in India?

The Kama Sutra spell, which is also known as the “Jyoti Prayog” is often regarded as the most famous spell in India.

Who are the greatest Indian magicians?

There are multiple Indian magicians that have influenced the contemporary world of magic and science. This is mainly due to their great knowledge, skill in performing magic and ability to entertain and entertain audiences.

Why are there so many Indian

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