How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Smarter Living Podcast

You need to take out the rubber bands from the bottom of your pencil case, then put a small amount of white paper inside the pencil case and screw in one rubber band at a time. Use a very sharp knife to separate the bands, but be very careful not to cut your paper because it is too heavy to be seen.

With the other band still attached to the case, hold a large sheet of tracing paper over the opening of the pencil and gently place a ball of white ink on it until it comes out in a very fine dot.

Remove the ball of white paper and make the pencil pencil tip slightly wider (to make it easier to read) until the dot is perfectly fine.

Using two pencils, draw an arrow pointing to the white dot and then put them back in the case together to form a new pencil, then put the top rubber band on the pencil case to attach it properly to the pencil case.

Now you have a pencil with no rubber band. It is as good as new!

Here are two other easy pencil tricks:

The rubber band trick
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You can make a pencil that is made of rubber band. This will be easier and quicker if you have pencil cases with a rubber band inside them.

Put one half of the case and one half of the pencil case together to make a new pencil. Make the pencil tip slightly wider by adding a small piece of thin paper so a ball of white ink can be drawn on the tip of the pencil.

This time, screw the rubber band inside so that the pencil is completely connected to the pencil case, or you can leave the pencil case detached and the tip of the pencil attached to the pencil case.

Take a tiny piece of black felt and cut it into little dots. Place them in the pencil and then pull the whole bunch out with a pair of scissors.

This technique is especially useful if you need to use a certain color in the sketching process.

The other pencil trick

How did you get the rubber pencils out of the pencil case?

It was very easy and can be done again, but it wasn’t always so easy!

In the beginning, we decided that what really matters is the overall look of the project, so all the pencils had the same basic look, like this:

And that was the end.

We decided to take the rubber pencils (the ones with no rubber band) out

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