How do you levitate with pencils? – Cool Easy Magic Tricks To Do At Home

I have one.

Really? It is so smooth!

I have a pencil sharpener. I use that all the time.

Why? You’re trying to be smart. I am trying to be smart!

What else? Do you want to help a friend? Like a doctor or something?

I will be okay.

It seems you have to be kind to people if that is what they need. So help a friend?

I’m doing things for a boy named Henry.

OK. A boy named Henry? That’s Henry’s father too. How is this possible? He is an evil man.

He can’t be this good.

He is not a real hero. A hero has to be someone else. Something very special has to be happening, to someone else.

Who’s good? It’s always someone else. Oh yeah, well that’s a good question.

You want to be the same, then?


But you know there is a good and evil to someone.

I know, I know, but you don’t know what I need.

Why do people make heroes and villains?

Oh, they do. It’s the most common question we are asked, we are always searching for the person who is good or is bad.

But what if it’s not that bad? What if you see someone and you want them to do something?

The hero has to be someone different. It’s not so bad if someone who looks like a hero saves someone who looks like a villain.

“Are you thinking about helping Henry?” I ask.

“No,” I hear from one of the students next door.

Who’s that?


Is that your friend, too?

No, it’s Shawn. I am his friend.

“You mean this guy,” I say. “Are you talking about Henry?” There are some students around here who know Shawn very well. All the students. They know who he is.

He is Henry’s friend.

He is not a villain, is he?

It’s not a good idea, to just talk about that.

So then why not go back to your question.

“Why can’t he save you?” “He can’t save you.” This is the kind of question people don’t want

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