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You decide (or do you just need to get more sleep?).

In a recent article in the Washington Post, writer Matt Bai lays out the case that levitation is a lie and explains how it is possible for people to get such powers.

A couple years ago, it was fairly easy to imagine Google Glass replacing the smartphone as the primary device for most people. We now know that Google’s wearable might have a place in the workplace as well, but today we have an announcement from former Google employee Tadayoshi Kohno. Kohno, known as TNW’s “father of the YouTube video,” has been working on a new Glass prototype that would let people check what’s going on in their homes using the Glass App. This could be an interesting way to share what you’re doing with everyone in your home, for example. But if you’re wondering how it all works, I will tell you…

Tadayoshi Kohno, Glass product designer

Kohno’s new prototype involves wearing the Glass wearable around the neck. It looks like Google is currently using a prototype made of metal, plastic, and rubber, which is the same materials used in current Google Glass.

It also looks like the prototype uses a pair of lenses that work with the new Glass App to allow Glass users to use the Glass App as a remote display in apps. You’d see the Glass App running on a PC monitor in your living room, and the glasses wearer or their computer would be able to see what you’re doing on the Glass App running on the TV or elsewhere.

This is an interesting feature that could potentially be very useful. Right now, it’s pretty hard to show what you’re doing in an app on your smartphone, which leads to people having to swipe through apps one by one as the apps run off the phone and not in front of you. Glass may have this problem, but it also may be the case that many people may not want to use their smartphone as a display for apps, if that’s what they’re actually into.

And finally, it sounds like Tadayoshi says he’s already testing some other experimental Glass features and has a few ideas for future updates.

What do you think? Let us know what you think about Tadayoshi’s Glass prototype. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until the prototype goes public, but you can still get yourself a pair of Google Glasses for a pretty good price.



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