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Does your brain just work in a certain way? “People with low levels of activity in the anterior cingulate cortex are generally more sensitive to positive or negative emotional stimulation, and less able to ignore them. This does not imply that they have no ability to do either,” he said.

He also explains how “people with very high activity in the posterior cingulate cortex are significantly more accurate with verbal and nonverbal reasoning tasks.”

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“You could be one of the most brilliant people the world has ever known, yet if you don’t have adequate cognitive control of your emotions, it could potentially harm you in any number of things.

“If one’s ability to make informed choices is compromised, then one has the ability to make impulsive decisions that could very well have the opposite effect in the world around them.”

But that’s not everything. The study also found that those with reduced activity in the front and posterior cingulate cortex showed greater negative affect in a self-report test.

“But the findings with high activity are still very interesting,” Dr. Dabla told PsyPost.

“When I first wrote this post (about this paper, which I’ve been reading from across the pond) I didn’t quite believe it. I thought this study would be about the brain’s ability to regulate its emotions. But with such a huge number of studies being looked at and still emerging on how we can harness the brain’s capacity for positive emotion and negative emotion to improve our life.”

In other words, it could be that our brains are just like any other organ or tissue, and it’s only when someone is stressed or angry that our brains send the signals to activate a response in the brain.

That’s also important to consider for someone who wants to improve his relationships.

“The most important takeaway is that you should be as aware of the people you interact with and what their emotional experience might bring to the table.

“You don’t need to be a genius to recognize that the person you’re interacting with might be unhappy, angry, and have a sense of anger, fear or negativity, all of which can be negative. Your relationship with that person could still improve.”

“It’s all about how you can identify what’s affecting people and be open to understanding. It’s all about knowing what’s going on in your brain so that you can use your brain to your own advantage in an effective way in the future.”


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