What is a link matrix? – Smarter Living Podcast

The way we think we look at the world is by a link matrix. If you have the following figure, then every pixel represented by a different color is an independent variable in a process that can be represented in a matrix of pixels. Each node represents a point on a link with the corresponding RGB value, but the link matrix of all links is a vector that is used as a way to get information about the links in one direction and, by extension, about the positions of the links in all directions.

If I am creating a picture, I have the following matrix of pixels:

Each pixel can be represented by it’s link color

and each pixel can be represented by the link color in a separate (independent) variable.

There is an easy way to remember: there are 10 links per pixel

so, the following link matrix of pixels are:

Let’s look in our image at all the links with RGB values:

As we can see, there are 10 pixels which contain every possible link color, and there are 1 pixel that contains no link color.

In order to visualize these things better, let’s put these 10 links in a matrix. Here is the matrix we need to visualize:

Here we can see that each row represents a link based on it’s color

And each column is a vector which is equivalent to a link

We can then put the links in a matrix like this:

Or you can visualize the data like this:

The point of the above matrix is that there are 10 unique matrix permutations, with the same information provided to each permutation of the 9 links. And the permutation of a link, or the link matrix, can be used to represent the location, as well as the position, of all the link points in all possible directions, as well as the position of the links in all directions.

So, in sum… there is a matrix of links somewhere, somewhere between 0 and 9, with the possible values 0 (least connected to the left) to 9 (most possible connections to the right). In other words, there is a matrix of link vectors somewhere between 0 and 9, with the link structure in the 1st dimension.

So, the matrix is probably a combination of a set of points from which I can choose the link matrix, for example, and the matrix of link vectors from which the position in 2D space is chosen.

For our image we

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